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While learning and exploring the Substance Painter, I worked through Tim Bergholz AKM tutorial to get experience using the Substance Painter workflow.


Sancai Tiger: 4th Semester VFX Project.


This was my VFX project during my study at The Animation Workshop. My project was featured on Chaosgroup (creators of Vray)

The creature is a Sancai; which is Chinese glazed pottery, created in brown, green and cream colours. The creature concept is designed by me. The background footage is filmed by The Animation Workshop, as a key part of the assignment, which was to integrate a four legged character into this environment. I designed, modelled, sculpted, rigged, textured/light/shaded and composited this character using following software:

Photoshop, Zbrush, Maya, Mudbox, NukeX – Rendered in Vray.
Animation by Jules Garreau.

 2D Animated World of Warcraft Fanart

Image painted in Photoshop, 3d rigged in Maya, Animated in After Effects.