Unreal Adventure #2 – Colors come to Justice

After experimenting with lights, setups, textures and materials I finally found a few solutions to kill the washed out colors and get the true colors from my texture sheet. Not only that, I managed to finally make a solid bake and solid light maps which defeated the black spots I had trouble with earlier.

The light maps are 64×64

The creates come to their full justice now!


Handpainted Assets – And the Adventure in U4 begins!

The adventure begins! Unreal has been ready and it is finally time for me to explore this sexy piece of software. I created a hand painted crate an afternoon, to experiment with materials, lightning setup, etc. for stylized and handpainted artwork.

Here are where the crate is at so far. The textures are finished, perhaps in the future my setup in U4 will be better. Currently I am getting used to how the lights and effects work in U4. ( I apologize for the website stamps, however due to art-theft I am trying to keep my works closer to me)

textureexample BOXwireframeU4ViewportSnapshot